Lo-fi リズムマシンについて

Lo-fi hiphop みたいなリズムパターンを簡単に作って聞けるアプリです。


Random Pettern
Fluctuation mode
Lo-fi hiphopのようなグルーブ感を感じられるように再生するモードです。
Non-fluctuation modeと表示されている時は Off になっています。表示を押すとモードが切り替わります。

About Lo-fi Rhythm Machine

Using this application, you can easily create and listen to Lo-fi hiphop style rhythm patterns.


Random Pettern
Random rhythm patterns are generated.
Some rhythm patterns are easier or harder to generate than others, so try pressing the button as many times until you get the pattern you like.
Fluctuation mode
This mode plays the rhythm pattern with groove like lo-fi hiphop.
When "Non-fluctuation mode" is displayed, the mode is Off. Press the "Non-fluctuation mode" to toggle the mode.


2023.3.4: Updated to version 1.1

  • Supports vertically long displays such as smartphones.